What is Quiziz?

Quiziz is an app that can be helpful to pass important exams. By using tech Quiziz offers to users a easy and practical study method to check knowledge with unique selection questions. Based on the official contents of the test, Quiziz allows you to set the amount of questions, time per question, complexity level y and subjects user wants to study; at the end of each quiz app gives you a score so the user can use it as a reference of the level of preparation for the exam.

What's on the Premium Version?

Quiziz is a free app, however users can los usuarios pueden access to certain special functions buying a Premium Version. This version includes the chance of study on expert level and at the end of each quiz the user could review the answers and repeat the quiz with only the wrong ones. Besides user can active the immediate answer option and see explanations for some questions. To know more of the benefits enter here.

I changed to the new Quiziz app and I lost my Premium functions. What do I do?

Quiziz functions are paid just once, therefore user can write to quiziz@holapixlab.com to get instructions about how to active purchased functions in other Quiziz version.

How much is Quiziz Premium?

Premium functions are bought separately, so the user has the option of buying only the ones he needs, or also, buy the complete package with an especial price. Prices vary depend on the function, from $0.99 or $1.99. User can buy one or many functions everytime he wants, are paid only once and can be used for unlimited time.

What are the payment terms for Premium version?

Premium version is a one time payment valid for unlimited time and allows user to access some especial functions of Quiziz, they can be used on all devices connected to App Store or Google Play user's account. To know more of the benefits enter here.

How reliable is Quiziz for preparing for my exam?

Quiziz is based total and strictly on the last version of official teaching materials of the exams. Therefore constitutes a reliable tool for checking required knowledge for the exam.

By buying Premium, a monthly payment is generated?

No, Premium functions are paid only once and can be used for unlimited time.

I'm having trouble when trying to buy, what could it be?

Trouble when buying on Google Pay or App Store are mostly presented for 2 reasons:

  • Because credit or debit card is not allowed for internacional purchases. Applications stores are located on USA so user has to call the bank to consult or request this feature.
  • Because payment information is not updated. User must assure that personal info on Google Play or App Store is valid and updated.
  • When replacing my device, can I still use Premium functions?

    By replacing his phone, user can keep Premium functions he has bought:

  • If the phone replacement if for other with same operating system: user just have to make sure to log on Google Play or App Store with the same account he originally made the payment, this way Quiziz will reconized the user and activate Premium functions he has bought. iPhone users have to make an extra step: go to Quiziz settings and select "Restore purchases".
  • If the phone replacement if for other with different operating system: write us to quiziz@holapixlab.com for help.
  • Can I prepared for my exam only by using Quiziz?

    Quiziz is and app for checking knowledge, therefore we recommend studying exam contents checking official teaching materials and use Quiziz as a tool for be more prepared.

    Has Quiziz the same questions of the official exams?

    Even though we assure Quiz is based on the last version of the official exam contents, we do not suggest that the apps offers identical questions to those exams. App questions must be considered as reference of the official contents, but not to the exams.

    Does Quiziz show me the correct answer when I respond incorrectly?

    With the Premium function "INMEDIATE RESPONSE", user might know the correct answer when responding, also in some cases could get an explanation of the answer. Besides on the last screen of each Quiziz, user will find an option called "CHECK ANSWERS". By selecting that, app will show a list with all quiz's questions, where are specified good and wrong answers, showing the correct answers for the ones user responded incorrectly. To know more benefits of Quiziz Premium enter here.

    What device version do I need to use Quiziz?

    If you're using iOS: by App Store requirements, Quiziz is available for iPhone 4s onwards. Also Quiziz is available for last versions of iPad. Device must have iOS 8.4 onwards.

    If you're using Android: by Google Play requirements, Quiziz is available for devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) onwards, whether phones or tablets.

    What are Quiziz's terms and privacy?

    To read app's terms and privacy enter here.

    I have a questions of comment about the app, what can I do?

    We're committed with continuous improvement of Quiziz, therefore we invite our users to lead us comments and questions to quiziz@holapixlab.com.

    Questions, comments? Write us to quiziz@holapixlab.com
    We'll love to know what you want to tell us :)

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