General conditions

The present is the privacy policy and terms of use of Quiziz apps, at all its variants, from now on: Quiziz.

The goal is to inform users about management of data they give and conditions apply at using the app. This document becomes a contract between user and Quiziz, who at download and use Quiziz accepts knowlegde and agreement of all its points.

About info collected

Quiziz declares that uses Google Analytics to collect info, anonymously, of user's use of the app.

Quiziz declares that asking for it or not, might receive info of the user via email. At this case, user accepts that has given that info voluntarily and might be stored by Quiziz.

Purposes for which information is stored

The eventual personal or use data that Quiziz collects from the user is stored in a database. That info might be used mostly for these purposes: knowlegde of user's interests and behavior that allows the improvement of experience, usability and design of the app; sending announcements, promotions and/or surveys related to Quiziz; creation of commercial prospection info for advertisement content generation.

When using Quiziz user accepts the use of information in the way detailed previously y acknowledge the implications. Same way, Quiziz accepts and acknowledges the user's right to ask, anytime, the modification or elimination of the info he has given to Quiziz, for which he can send an email to quiziz@holapixlab.com.

Information protection

Quiziz declares that doesn't sells, rents or shares the collected info with third parties. However Quiziz might transfer this info to a third party, in case this third party acquires the ownership of the service Quiziz provides, totally or partially. On that circumstance, Quiziz commits to communicate that to users via email or any way that Quiziz considers convenient.

Quiziz implements relevant safety measures to protect user's information, nevertheless user acknowledge that this measures might be not enought to the accidental loss of information or cyber attacks.

About the app

Quiz attempts updating apps contents opportunely, however user akckowlegde that Quiziz is only a reference of the official exams contents. Under any circumstance the user may claim inclusion or not of any specific content, or blaming for the approval or not of an exam, directly or indirectly. Neither may use Quiziz to support a claim or appeal to respective authority of an exam, of a result or calification.

Quiziz offers a free version of the app, however user may pay for the right of using Premium version. That payment must be made through the respective applications store, using info user have set on that platform. The right of using Premium version consist in a one time payment on which the price varies depend of the Quiziz's version the user have installed. Quiziz reserves the right of changing that price anytime, without affecting users that previusly paid. Users who pay Premium will have access to special functions that will not be available on free version. Quiziz reserves the right of changing Premium feactures without prior notice, always with the intention of improve the app; however user can go back to free version anytime, without this implying a refund.

Quiziz is an app from Pixlab. Pixlab reserves the right to modify privacy and terms anytime and commits to notify it to users; however user may always check the document at its lastest version on Quiziz's website.

Pixlab expressly prohibits without exception total or partial reproduction of any textual or graphic content of its apps, without previusly written authorization from Pixlab.

By accepting this document user acknowlegdes that: 1. Has read and understood the scope of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 2. Doesn't have doubts about the way, means and purpose for which info have been request. 3. Autorize use of the info according was detailed and with any related product or service.

If user requires more info about terms and privacy may ask for it writting to quiziz@holapixlab.com

Last review and publication: November 1, 2015.
San José, Costa Rica.

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